How the Great Wall of China Symbolised Leadership

The Great Wall of China Copyright Ryszard Gorell 2009I once commented that a new office refurbishment was like the Great Wall of China; completely negating the open plan concept by erecting three meeting rooms where none had been previously.

In this article from 2009 I share an epiphany I had about the unintended consequences of change.  And how seemingly innocuous actions can take on huge symbolic meaning.

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Ro Gorell

Ro Gorell

Ro Gorell is a co-director of Change Optimised and a multiple published author. One of her books, 50 Top Tools for Coaching, is a Kogan Page best seller with an audio version in production in 2020. She is driven by a desire to help individuals and organisations become future fit – so they can thrive no matter what. She also advocates for integrating work and life, valuing time spent in the gym and singing with West Australian Symphony Orchestra Choir.