A Young Outsider Takes the Spoils

What we can learn from the Melbourne Cup?

Listening to an interview with a racing expert yesterday morning and the odds for each horse winning the Melbourne Cup, the analogy with change in organisations was striking. #agile #leanchangelive #disruption

Trying to predict which horse would win is not a science – it’s a gamble, you cannot predict with certainty which horse will come home to win the trophy. There are too many variables such as: the current health of the horse; the health and skills of the jockey; the turf conditions; the weather conditions; the starting gate; and many more.

The same is true when it comes to change and transformation in organisations. You cannot predict how successful it will be. There are too many variables. The system is complex.

So why do we continue to use methodologies, often based on a linear approach and expect the change or transformation to be a success?

The winner of the Cup, Rekindling, was also an outsider having never raced in Australia before and was the youngest since 1941! A young outsider takes the spoils – a metaphor for what’s happening in the business world today.

Charlotte Mawle

Charlotte Mawle

Charlotte Mawle is a co-director of Change Optimised and mother of two teenage children. She is driven by a desire to help individuals thrive during change and supporting organisations to become future fit. She advocates for women in the workplace and she enjoys participating in sport and is currently training for her first half Ironman triathlon.

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