About Us

" The reality is that the only way change comes is when you lead by example."

- Anne Wojcicki

Our Mission

Our mission is to ignite the entrepreneurial DNA of your organisation to help you make sense of a complex and uncertain future and to ensure your people have the foundational skills for the future of work.

The world is changing at an incredible rate with six powerful drivers of change.


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In a global market complexity is a given.  There is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ for change.  Our approach differs from other consultancies – we are methodology agnostic.  Preferring instead a framework approach to change that utilises a mixture of lean change, lean startup, Agile, behavioural science, systems thinking, design thinking and coaching.

Complexity requires emergent practices

Many organisations find themselves in the complexity space which requires emergent practices. This means testing understanding of the current system, applying judgement to what might work and then responding. This iterative approach underpins the change framework we use.

Flexibility and speed, as well
as thought leadership

The approach of applying good or best practice presupposes one methodology will work for change and innovation. The model of expert consultant might be appropriate in some organisations operating in a more ordered or traditional space. In our experience the level of disruption in the market is quickly negating this approach. We provide flexibility in our approach and thought leadership.

Testing approaches based
on assumptions

When we engage with potential clients our assumption is that we first need to hypothesise which space the organisation might be in and then test approaches based on the assumptions we make. This is something we do in collaboration with the client to help them evaluate which approaches might work.

An iterative process on which to hang your practice

Our role is to equip our clients with the confidence to take iterative steps towards change without becoming reliant on one approach or methodology. 

Enabling you to do
things differently

Always mindful that our role is to help you, the client improve and enable you to do things differently at the end of the engagement. Being able to work with change as the new norm

Co-creation as an
antidote to disruption

Disruption has been tethered to technology. It’s also an old-fashioned scarcity view of strategy. In a co-created world we help you create options for creating new approaches rather than just competing