Ro Gorell

Ro Gorell

Director, Coach & Author

About Ro

With 30 years’ experience in Organisational Change, Business Improvement, and Coaching, Ro has dedicated her career to helping organisations lead their people through rapid and continuous change, often in challenging environments.

Having delivered multiple business and people change projects globally, including business turnaround, Ro utilises her expertise and a Lean/Agile Change approach to help organisations navigate organisation-wide transformation.

Ro’s background of working in enterprise wide change included use of many tools now within the Agile framework – including techniques used in SCRUM and the use of KANBAN.

Ro is also a multiple published author on the topic of coaching including 50 Top Tools for Coaching – currently on Kogan Page’s Best Seller list and translated into several languages, audio and hardback editions. In addition, How to Create a Coaching Culture and Group Coaching. She has wide experience of working in Change Management spending most of her career in the IT sector. She is an accredited trainer with IC Agile and is an active member of both the Agile and Change Management global communities.

Ro moved from the UK to Perth, Western Australia in 2012 and collaborated with Change Optimised from 2016 then joining as a co-director in 2017.

Ro holds a Masters in Law and Employment Relations and a Diploma in Professional Coaching. Her current area of study is Practitioner Certificate in Team Coaching. And her current writing project is Coaching Self-Organising Teams.

What People Say About Ro

Carlos de Paladella Salord
Director Clinical Solutions, Elsevier

“Ro led our change management group in 2020. She adapted her drive to all cultures and styles, we empathize with her easily and embraced easily her professional coaching. Outcomes were extremely positive to each person, the group and the company. She has provided all we need to make the change and our connection remains as she creates value.”