Agile projects need coaches not change managers

Are you struggling to stay relevant in the world of Agile? Traditionally change managers have been used for communications and training. Building large change strategy documents and plans that fit into a waterfall model of delivery. This is all changing with the increased use of Agile to implement software. Project running Agile need a new set of skills and tools. The ability to coach is key to success. Supporting your Product Owner, Agile team and Sponsor. Working in an Agile can be a refreshing and exciting experience. You need to be comfortable with yourself and trust in the process rather than relying on a methodology to deliver the change.

Charlotte Mawle

Charlotte Mawle

Charlotte Mawle is a co-director of Change Optimised and mother of two teenage children. She is driven by a desire to help individuals thrive during change and supporting organisations to become future fit. She advocates for women in the workplace and she enjoys participating in sport and is currently training for her first half Ironman triathlon.

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