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We’ve been training people in Lean Change since 2015!

We have trained over 400 people in Australia and New Zealand and are in the top 5 facilitators worldwide.

About the Programme

This programme has the potential to change your perspective on managing change!  Of course, that doesn’t mean that you have to throw out all the good practices and tools you’ve worked hard to acquire over the years.

Modern change management ideas, practices, and tools inspired by Agile, Lean, and Lean Startup thinking designed to help your organisation keep pace with today’s torrid pace of change.

At the end of the workshop you will receive the Lean Change Agent Explorer badge.

What You'll Learn

  • Understand how to apply Agile and Lean techniques to Change Management
  • How to use Agile techniques within your existing Change Management framework
  • How to reframe resistance to change to response to change
  • How to modernise your change management practises. Combine ideas from Lean Startup, Agile, OD and CM to develop your own contextual change framework
  • Alternatives to ROI and project management thinking
  • How to use lightweight planning and measurement tools such as Change Canvases, OKRs, Perspective Mapping and more.

Who Should Attend?

It is particularly suited to Change Practitioners,  Agile Coaches, Organisational Development Practitioners, Project Managers, in fact anyone who is responsible for leading change.

"Facilitators were very energetic and provided information well beyond pure change tools. The workshop was extremely interactive and allowed us to learn through action."

Bill Lagerberg - Agile Coach Manager

“I loved how the workshop showed practically how co-creation is done and how Lean Change as a framework as well as a philosophy can be applied anywhere. Between Charlotte and Ro, they bring so much experience and knowledge and their energy just bounces off each other, which is infectious.”

Has Razwi - Project Manager

“If you want to challenge your current bias & thinking in Change Management frameworks and approaches, this is the workshop for you. The learnings will assist our organisation in being ‘change capable’ – agile and nimble in implementing successful change.”

Louise Clarke - Group Change Manager

2-Day Workshop Agenda

Day 1

  • Introduction: Why are you here? What is the ultimate question you hope to have answered?
  • What is Lean Change Management, and how is it similar, and different, to how you approach change today?
  • Agile Change Management: Overview of the Agile values and principles, and how you can apply that thinking to change management.
  • Alignment: How to use lightweight tools for change readiness, change liftoffs, and ongoing facilitation of change.
  • Incremental Change: How to move away from traditional ROI and towards reducing uncertainty by breaking down change into quarterly objectives with tangible key results.

Day 2

  • Experiments: How to move away from change activities, and towards change experiments. This includes good practices for communication, creating alignment, providing status to change sponsors and more.
  • People: Why the notion of ‘resistance to change’ is wrong, and why the “70% of changes fail” is incorrect. We’ll explore how different people respond to change differently, and how you, the change agent, can navigate that complexity.
  • Your Own Change Framework: We’ll take the learning from both days, and discuss what your own change framework could look like and you’ll answer your own questions that were created at the beginning of Day 1.