Shaping Your Future in the Age of the Fourth Industrial Revolution

“Ready or not, a new world is upon us.” Klaus Schwab, Founder and Executive Chairman, World Economic Forum

Today marks the start of The World Economic Forums Annual Conference 2019. This is where world leaders from all areas of society come together to share ideas on what the worlds future will look like and discuss how to cooperate on the challenges ahead.

Three years ago, the World Economic Forum introduced the concept of the “Fourth Industrial Revolution” and how it is going to fundamentally change the way we live, work and relate to one another.

Moving on three years the theme is “Globalisation 4.0 – what does it mean?”and covers topics from what it means for the world economy, our environment, technology, education and jobs.

With climate change seen as the most urgent threat to our world, much of the focus of the meeting is on what we need to do now, to avert the catastrophic consequences of this change. In addition, a tsunami of high-tech digital change is crashing on us with a wide range of impacts from what it means for our jobs to the way we live our lives.

After looking at the agenda and reading several of the articles, 8 themes have emerged for me:

1.    Collaboration and Transformation

2.    Diversity and Inclusion

3.    Future Thinking Mindsets

4.    Tolerating Uncertainty and Navigating Complexity

5.    Rethinking Education

6.    Purpose Driven Organisations

7.    Redesign of Processes and Institutions

8.    The Changing Nature of Work

Over the next couple of weeks, we will be diving deeper into each of these themes and sharing our thoughts and insights into how digital leaders can act now to shape the future of their organisations.

We all have a responsibility to act now because in the words of Klaus Schwab – “Globalisation 4.0 has only just begun but we are vastly underprepared for it”.

We believe organisations create value through human connections. It is our human traits which will make the difference in a highly-automated world. At Change Optimised we train, coach and mentor digital leaders for the workplace of the future.


Change Optimised

Change Optimised

Our mission is to ignite the entrepreneurial DNA of your organisation to help you make sense of a complex and uncertain future and to ensure your people have the foundational skills for the future of work.

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