Coaching Programmes

Individual & Team Coaching

Individual Coaching


Designed as one-off sessions to target specific activities or tasks. They can be booked ‘as required’ and are best suited to clients who have a specific activity or task they are looking to achieve. Clients who just want a sounding board for a current challenge also find these sessions valuable. Targeted session e.g. career profiling, preparing for a meeting etc. This type of session will be more content driven.


These coaching sessions are designed around a medium-term goal that might include some behavioural shifts. This programme is ideal if you want ongoing accountability for your actions and space to reflect on what you are learning about yourself and the actions you are taking. This package is particularly helpful for professional development and support. It can be tailored to a more coach-mentoring approach or pure coaching depending on your needs. These will be discussed with you beforehand.


This programme is best suited to someone who is looking to make significant changes in their life or work and is looking for ongoing support and encouragement as they test out different options. Typically, the focus is on a longer-term goal where you are seeking support, encouragement and accountability to maintain momentum and leverage learning and growth.

Team Coaching

Unlike 1:1 coaching or team building, Team Coaching explores issues that relate to collective performance, enabling the team to recognise and manage influences on its performance, now and in the future.

Team coaching takes a systemic view of those influences, which may concern the team’s dynamics and how it interacts with its stakeholders. This is a powerful and effective process that will enhance the performance of individual members, the leader and the team as a whole as well as impacting the immediate business and wider organisation.


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